Container Day!!

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Yesterday was “container day” for us in Bulgaria! We met Plamen, the supervisor from our handling company, at 8.30 (he was 15 mins early) at the customs broker’s (KAM) office at Svishtov Customs area. The paperwork was quickly and efficiently done (and we had a good strong cup of coffee) and then a quick walk to the Customs Office proper.

About 9.15 the customs officer apologised for the delay because of a “system” problem, but nevertheless by 9.45 we were outside at the container for the inspection.  It turned out that the inspection only really involved watching someone cut the steel seal on the container door!


And with a cheerful “ciao!” the customs lady was gone and we were free and clear – no additional charges, no import duty, just a 40ft container and 269 packages to get to our little village and unload!


Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view), Plamen had arranged for the unloading crew to arrive at our place at 12 noon, so Toby and I did a few chores in Svishtov before we headed home. Well to say we were impressed was an understatement.  The five man crew took 3 hours to unload the container, with only 3 five minute breaks.

So, the next week will see us trying to fit in various items of furniture, and then proably after that using every spare moment to unpack a box or two and find a home (or homes) for their contents.

This was taken when about 50% had been unloaded.

This was taken when about 50% had been unloaded.

Given the administrative problems that we had experienced with Allied Pickfords in the UAE we were genuinely surprised and really delighted with the professionalism, courtesy and cheerful efficiency of Plamen Borisov and his crew from Orbit Limited and we would recommend them unconditionally.

Now, I can think of many things to do with the high grade carton cardboard – but does anybody want a mountain of bubble wrap or protective foam wrapping 🙂


  1. Thanks for the offer Nick, but we’re quite well off for protection having been given a load of cloches as a housewarming present from friends. We’ve just about used all our decent boxes now, mostly by giving them away with critters in them. Still have a couple of bags of bubblewrap for sending paintings by post. Who knew that it would all come in so handy?

  2. Just to say….don’t throw anything away! You never know when you might need it. Haha All part of living in Bulgaria
    Lovely tidy looking boxes Nick, I hope you have managed to find a place for everything. Glad it went so smoothely this end

    1. Author

      Thanks Sara, we are still unpacking bit by bit and getting there slowly. At the moment the only thing we are throwing away is edges of boxes and wrapping materials I can’t get the packing tape off of – had a few people come and take away complete boxes and wrapping materials too – if you want any plastic foam wrapping sheeting to use as garden fleece you are very welcome, we can bring some over to you! The broken down cardboard is being used: as a foundation for a mulched straw and “chop and drop” pathway around the raised beds; layered into two of our raised beds which need topping up quite a bit before spring plant; as winter/weed protection around our baby fruit, hazel and paulownia trees; and we will definitely have enough for a “no till” experiment in an area where I want to plant some vines in the spring.

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