Nick & Jane in September 2015Welcome to our website! We are Nick and Jane, a 50+ English couple who, after living as expats in the Middle East for over 20 years, decided to convert a derelict house and outbuildings in a tiny Bulgarian village into our dream home, and then set off down the long and winding road to (hopefully) enjoy a quieter and slightly more self-sufficient lifestyle.

We hope you will find our challenges and adventures interesting, and if anybody learns something from what we’ve done (right or wrong), then that will be great too! So… come on in!!

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Latest on our YouTube channel

Family gathering September 2016

Our early thoughts about the what, where and why

Our original vision for our future

Our Vision

We were mad – buying a derelict property off the internet in a country we knew nothing about! Read more…

The village of Alekovo

Alekovo Village

An introduction to our village as a backdrop to our (hopefully) adventure filled future. Read more…

Early information about the house and land

The Property

What we originally envisioned for our new home with links to articles about the renovation project. Read more…