The Property

It’s a sad fact of life that anything you read from any Estate Agent any where in the world, bears little resemblance to the truth.  But, hey ho!

The Estate Agent’s Description of the Alekovo Property

“This property in Alekovo village consists of a brick build house on two floors, additional brick outbuildings, suitable for conversion. The first floor comprises two bedrooms, kitchen, corridor and another room, currently used as a cellar. The second floor has three bedrooms, corridor and veranda with stunning views. There is space on both floors for adding internal bathrooms with WC.

There are brick outbuildings attached to the house. The outbuildings are in very good condition and could be converted providing additional living area. There is a sheltered area, between two of the outbuildings, which is suitable for BBQ with dining out area.”

The description on the internet wasn’t too far from the truth – although the surveyor we sent to Alekovo fell through one of the floors that had been damaged by water. BG regulations allow you to build on the existing “footprint” of the house without getting any further permission we’ve decided to use the whole of the footprint for living accommodation and then apply for permission to build permanent animal housing, garage, storage area.

What we want the house in Alekovo to look like

Below is a schematic of how we envisioned it looking (!!) when the renovation of the house was first planned.

Our vision for the house in Alekovo

There was about 4,500+ sqm of land with the property – plenty of space for a few pigs, goats and chickens and grow enough for our needs and animal feed. There’s also a derelict house which we are demolishing to make space for a barn. It’s causing a stir in Alekovo but our workers live in the village and during our visits we have started to make the right “connections” to help get things done in Alekovo.

More pictures of our place in Alekovo


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