About Us

Nick & Jane

Nick and Jane in with a new litter of pigs

We are an English couple in our early/mid 60’s. We have been married for over 40 years but remarkably we have been a couple since Jane was 12 and Nick was 14 – our kids have all told us that is something that their friends have been very surprised – some even shocked – to hear.

At a turning point in our life after working in the Middle East for almost 30 years we decided that we wanted to work towards a greater measure of independence and self-sufficiency, less reliance on or obligation to mainstream employers, literally get out of the rat-race and require a minimal income. We really wanted a rural existence in a small surviving (not necessarily thriving) community where natural home horticulture, agriculture and livestock keeping was commonplace.

We have been so blessed over the past 20+ years since we decided on Bulgaria and purchased property here. Even more blessings that have really impacted our lives include being accepted as a proper part of the community in so many ways and the abundant and freely given help and advice from our Bulgarian neighbours and friends – we hope that our blog will showcase and celebrate many examples of this.


Toby is the middle of our three children and when we decided to resettle in Bulgaria he was working in Bahrain as a Graphic Designer – and he made a huge decision to join us – not least because we didn’t have any where else to live – but also as a fresh start and an opportunity to explore how his talents might grow and be used, but also to actively be a part of us establishing our dream home and start living our vision – and learn a lot on the journey.

He not only fell in love with Bulgaria as we have, but also threw himself into all the jobs and tasks and challenges of finishing the infrastructure on our property, but also learning with us about keeping, raising, breeding livestock and everything about growing food – things he (and indeed Jane and me as well) had almost no knowledge of.

As well being an experienced graphic designer, Toby is a talented digital artist with a passion for photography, writing and anything creative.

He is a very self-deprecating person, but as his father I can say that without his love, strength, determination, stamina and care I may not have made it after being diagnosed in April 2022. I do not have the words to express my love and thankfulness for all he has done and continues to do for me personally and for us as a family.

Our hounds – Max, Bess & Boris

Left to right: Max, Bess & Boris






You can discover more or get in touch with the Dalmagic family by clicking on either of the links below.

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And elsewhere in the world!

We also have two other children – our eldest son Ben is married to Cassie and lives in Melbourne, Australia, and our youngest – Ashleigh, married to David, lives in Harrow, London, UK.

Ashleigh (& Dave)

Married in _____ Ashleigh and Dave have two terrific young sons Charlie & Bradlie who are terrific and real joy. They were able to visit us in Bulgaria when their eldest, Charlie, was a baby – which was wonderful.

Ben (& Cassie)

Ben and Cassie got married in ____ and their son Joshua (our wonderful first grandchild) is finishing high school this year (2023) and preparing to go to university to study architecture – we are so proud of them all.

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