Chestit Velikden!! Happy Easter again!

Here in Bulgaria it’s time for Chestit Velikden – celebrating Easter in the orthodox Christian world...

Алилуя, Христос Воскресе

Благословени Великденски поздрави за нашите православни и коптски християнски приятели – тук в България и по света.

Специално изпращаме поздрави и благословии на нашите православни братя и сестри в Украйна, България, Армения, Обединените арабски емирства, Саудитска Арабия, Армения и по целия свят.

Orthodox Easter Day, which is calculated using the phases of the moon and the equinox, is a sacred season and the most significant celebration of the Eastern Christian churches or orthodox churches — it will be celebrated on April 16 this year. Orthodox Easter Day is an annual holiday commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is also known and celebrated as Greek Easter. The date of Orthodox Easter Day is different from the Western Easter, which bases the celebration period on the Gregorian calendar. Meanwhile, the Eastern Orthodox Church still uses the earlier Julian calendar for calculating the dates of festivals, including Easter. This means that Orthodox Easter Day falls later than Easter observed elsewhere.

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