“Radio” Therapy & Pleasure!

Two or three months ago during my routine oncologist appointment we were talking about mental health and how I should or could exercise my cognitive abilities to improve them.. or in some cases get them working again. He raised the subject of TV and music and radio.

After I came home from 7 weeks in-patient radiotherapy I started listening to UK radio… BBC Radio2 was my preference – and now the earphone is almost permanently fixed in my good ear ( the right ear is permanently swollen and painful so no point using that.).

The neuro-pyscholigist explained that the music or just the constant flow of noise – soothes the brain signals and reduces interference of the brain signals to organs etc. I certainly found it noticeably reduced head aches and pains.

The other thing they asked was had any of the music fired up memories from my past… and that is something that has really been every day, which is amazing. Some songs and or artists reignite my memories as far back as the 1960’s.

My preferred station is BBC Radio 2 broadcast from the UK – click the banner image below to go to their live online station.

My favourite presenters/DJ’s include:

Kate Bottley & Jason Mohamed – Good Morning Sunday

Tony Blackburn

Michael Ball

Owain Wyn Evans

One comment

  1. Your doctor is 100% correct on this one. Music is magic and provides so many positive values. I bookmarked your radio station. I’m always looking for good radio stations.


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