A good garden day

The weather has been lovely the past few days, ideal for planting out seedlings and sowing some early crops… but fingers crossed we don’t have any really harsh cold in the coming weeks. I will just have to do the best I can to protect stuff.

Planted out a dozen volunteer brassica… kale, brocoli, pak choi… that had germinated in some pots, sowed a couple of rows of French beans that we love, sugar snap peas, split basil plants and planted as companions in asparagus beds… loved and stroked and fed tree and rose cuttings that are budding, potted horseradish into big pots.. Will plant out later in the year.

Still got trays and pots of tiddly little seedlings to pot up or plant out next month… lemongrass, celery, petunias, coriander, nasturtiums, dahlias, daisies, parsley as well as some very healthy horseradish tubers that are sprouting and also more rose and tree cuttings.

I get such joy from nature doing its thing… I luv following advice from my gurus and my friends and neighbours cos in nearly 7 years it’s gone pretty well!!

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