If it wasn’t for women???

(It’s a bit late in the day for publishing this post to celebrate International Women’s Day, but I have been busy “harvesting” suitable pictures of the ladies in my life to use in this post – and fingers crossed nobody will be upset.)

Nick’s mum and dad – Dorothy & Donald Truscott
Janes Mum & Dad – Ray & Sylvia Reeves

With very few noticeable exceptions, throughout my life, the people who have taught me most, encouraged me, disciplined me, picked me up when I was down – and put me down (in lots of different ways) when I have been too uppity – have been women!

Although I have not always been in favour (or seen the point of) of every “The International Day of (fill in the blank)” this is one that I support wholeheartedly, and encourage every man to support and celebrate it, and of course I know that my two wonderful sons Ben and Toby support this occasion and I am sure that my grandsons Joshua, Charlie and Bradlie are all growing up respecting and appreciating women in the very best ways – as well knowing and appreciating the huge part that their mothers have played and will continue to play throughout their lives.

Thank You…..

…..to all the women in my life – past and present – thank you for being a very important (probably critical) part of my life both as I grew up as well as right now; speaking into good times and bad, with love, encouragement , teaching and understanding.

And here’s just a little gallery of some of the wonderful ladies in my life.

Over the past 10 years we have scanned and digitized possibly a couple of thousand old proper photographs, but I haven’t been able to find any of all the key ladies! Specifically my Auntie Florence, Auntie Winnie and Auntie Gladys and my sister Diane. I have today got some neices and nephews looking to see if they have any pics that they can scan for me – what a difficult Uncle I am hahaha.

And another little gallery of more ladies, most of whom are Bulgarian – with apologies to many of the them because I do not know all of their names!

Честит Международен ден на жената


  1. It was such a pleasure to read this article! Thank you for the appreciation and love you always show to me and my family! I love the photo of you and Jane at the age of 17 and 15 I didn’t know you are being married and love each othe for so long! That is so impressive and inspiring ✨️
    And last but not least – do not forget that there are good-hearted and unbelievably strong men like you and Toby who also deserve to hear that they are appreciated! So to both of you – thank you 😊


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