The website is updated

I am pleased to say that for the time being I have finished my project to update our website / blog. Some of you may have read an earlier post entitled BLOG – THERAPY which explains the encouragement I received from my oncologist to find something to do that would help open up my mind, relearn some skills or activities that I have forgotten over the past year – the technical term is regenerative mental therapy – because the most damage that the cancer has done is to my brain, and in particular my memory and cognitive processing.

Anyway, the site has a new look, some different colours and every single page and post has been checked, edited and updated. There are a lot more visual links on the LINKS page and elsewhere and I sincerely hope that many of you who read this will visit the links I have put all over the place some of them are fellow amateur bloggers, so please go encourage them – and you may also learn something new, perhaps useful or at least have an interesting read!

Although this project has taken me 3-4 hours each day for nearly two weeks I have really enjoyed it. Reading through the earlier posts and seeing the hundreds of photographs has evoked or rekindled or brought to life so many memories I thought I had lost over the past year – sometimes the pictures and reading what I had written so long ago brought me to floods of tears – of joy and happiness – reminding me of how blessed I am to be able to remember many of these things again today, and how lucky we have been in the past and especially how blessed we are today.

If you have any suggestions about the website, or anything you would like us to write about, just leave a comment in the box below.

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