We definitely would not have achieved so much had it not been for the amazing wealth of knowledge and experience shared by so many people… in blogs, you tube and vimeo videos, commercial websites and especially books – which I love.

If you have an interest in gardening, growing your own, self sufficiency, permaculture – I’ve put some links below that i think are worth browsing and searching – and the three books below I found particularly inspirational and informative in a very old school way, brilliantly written and edited – as much enjoyable reading as informative, educational and instructional.

Please feel free to add comments and other guru suggestions in the comments box below – let’s share the love around for all us fruit and veggie growers.

Tony C Smith – No Dig Allotment Guru – growing a wide range of veg for personal family consumption all year round, especially practical and no nonsense homemade compost making. He is also very very entertaining in his videos – especially his “Potty Mouth Garden Club”. Click the image below to open his YouTube channel.

Charles Dowding – Mega-Guru – No Dig specialist methods – amazing video library. Touring his website and actual market garden is fascinating – his videos are extremely well made and enjoyable. He also has some great books available from his online store HERE.

Huw Richards – I love this young man’s style, voice and calmness – great results and advice, easy to watch. Click the image below to open his YouTube channel.

Paul Wheaton – often considered one of the “co founders” of the current day permaculture movement that was first established by David Holmgren, Sepp Holzer, Bill Mollison. To discover more about Paul Wheaton and his exploits and resources click the link image below or visit

There are masses of permaculture resources at the digital market – click the link or the banner below go take a look at the permaculture digital market.

You will also find direct buying links to some resources all over the blog and perhaps even some links to some things I have bought or use or want from Amazon.

BOOK OF THE FARM by Henry Stephens


THE FAT OF THE LAND by John Seymour

We all need others to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, share successes and failures and just share ideas – I have been pleasantly surprised and inspired by how responsive, kind, gracious and encouraging these gurus have been – and we should all try to emulate that, just to be kind to one another!!

Good luck to everyone in their green-fingered activities!!

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