Affiliate Advertising

On some pages and posts you may notice some affiliate advertising… some might be specific items available online so there might be an amazon search box. For some things permaculture – books, resources, recommended things there might be specific links to the digital market. My goals is only to recommend specific things – I may do some book reviews in the future.

We have had quite a bit of discussion in the family – who have taken some pursuasion to agree that I do it. But I want to be clear, the purpose of having this advertising is not to “monetize” our blog and make a million – but simply to try and cover the annual cost of the domain name and the website hosting plan. The costs are not exorbitant – about €60 a year in total. And we are not completely skint either, but it’s at least 3 years before either of us start getting any sort of pension so every penny, cent, stotinki helps!

Please give me your feedback in a comment below – from what I have read it would take a lot of effort and time to make a decent living from promoting or pushing affiliate marketing and we (I) dont want to be under that pressure or commitment to a daily grind!

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