Census 2021

Official source: https://www.nsi.bg/nrnm/show9.php?sid=23&ezik=en

It wasn’t really a surprise when we first visited Alekovo back in 2012, that the village population was very small. We had read that hundreds of villages in Bulgaria had actually no people living in them – just the empty shells of abandoned houses. And there were hundreds of abandoned properties that people were trying to sell.

But Alekovo still seemed an active village – kindergarten, primary school, doctors surgery, two supermarkets, a bar, several large farms on the edge of the village that were active.

Over 7 years later, we are often reminded how lucky we are to have decided to buy our property in Alekovo.

As an aside, when the census was going on in 2021 the census officers told some funny stories about how the locals had reacted to the census questions. And it was clear that many people in the village were actually registered in their parents home towns, other regions, etc, so the results were always going to be a bit misleading. We were also surprised that the census takers were so helpful in translating the questions and interpreting our answers to the census questions.


  1. Interesting, Nick. One question, though. Does the chart refer to Alekevo VT (our village) or Alekevo in the Silistra district? It says Silistra at the top of the chart and I always though our village population was around 600. Would be curious to know for sure.

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