A good chemo day

Started my 6th cycle of chemo today. And remarkably it was my shortest ever hospital day haha. No complaints at all, but the process can take several hours sometimes. But today I went straight to get my blood taken.. one lot tests for cancer markers, the other lot is for a 30 day “look back” full diabetic panel.

20 minutes later I was in with my oncologist and miraculously both sets of test results were on his computer monitor! Thankfully the results for both were great so we spent the next 40 minutes going over my recent CT scan and the decisions my treatment team have made about further investigations of issues I had raised previously…

First, I just need to record incidents when my eyes misbehave and he referred me to an ENT consultant at my local hospital to look at my right ear, do some tests etc.

He prescribed some meds to try to alleviate the chronic nausea I have experienced the past 2 months; this is a known side effect of the chemo. In my case when it hits me I sometime lose my balance and it’s physically horrible. More tablets to add to the 16 others I have to take every day!!

While all this was going on Jane was getting a little bit of shopping in Kaufland before coming to collect me. But today’s miracle was that by the time I got to the waiting ward, my chemo meds had been made up and delivered so I could go straight home… fantastic.

The only downside of the whole day was I had chronic nausea on the journey home… so I got indoors, had a quick hot tea, and then went to bed for 2.5 hours of blissful curative sleep.

Main hospital entrance
Caroline, a friend of a friend

Chicken and cheese roll to break my fast since last night

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