Jane’s Birthday

Back home to a lovely warming fire after a rare and wonderful birthday out in VT. And all missions accomplished.

… replacement laptop, headphones and mouse acquired on great deals plus extra discount

…Toby finally acquired the birthday gift his grandad bought him after searching for 13 months… overthemoon.com

… bought jane trellises to train her climbers up

… superb lunch in Bianco’s in VT, Jane and Toby had fresh sushi. I had baby pork fillet with mushroom and an olive yoghurt salad and fat Turkish flatbread. Great atmosphere, lovely design, look and feel, great people watching, very good service and ridiculous prices.

… miniscule top up shopping in kaufland no surprises there.

… gentle uneventful drive home reminiscing of first times we drove that route 8 years ago.

What could be better than a day filled with love, laughter and happy memories!!!

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