Blog – Therapy?

A few years after we purchased our house in I started designing a website and eventually launched this blog and purchased the domain “ALEKOVO.COM“. The purpose was twofold, to keep family and friends informed about what we were doing and to share stuff with some gardening, livestock keeping and permaculture communities that I had connected with as learning resources. We (I) kept that up for several years and it had a small number (under 100) of followers.

For some reason in 2017 – maybe because I simply got tired of it as there was so much to do with sowing and planting and growing and harvesting, and livestock… pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, duck and geese… and working on developing the infrastructure – animal enclosures and fencing, repair to old structures, as you can imagine that I lost the inclination and enthusiasm to keep at it. At that time I started using Facebook more for connecting with some likeminded folks and organisations and communities…. but it didn’t keep me connected with many family members and friends who were not on Facebook. However I did use Facebook a fair bit from then on and visited our website occasionally and always felt guilty that I hadn’t kept up with it.

Now with my current health situation my treatment team said I need some mental stretching to help my mental health and agility – the doctors call it regenerative cognitive therapy – and after talking it over with Jane and Toby we decided that I would clean up and refresh the blog at ALEKOVO.COM and then see if I could come up with one maybe two articles each month… and I decided to accept the challenge. There is a lot of relearning to do as my memory has taken a big hit from the cancer, I have some dodgy issues with my eyes that affects my concentration too. But hey ho I’m going to give it a try.

By the way, on some pages and posts you may see either an Amazon or other affiliate network link advertising stuff. This is not me hoping to make a million, simply hoping to raise $70 over 12 months from affiliate sales commission so that we can move the blog from a free website provider to a paid plan which will help me develop the blog to a more professional level.

We really hope that you enjoy your visit and find at least one or two items of interest. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions you like – politely of course hahahaha.


    • It won’t be just the writing posts itscrelearning how to do the look and feel ofcthexwebsute as well… but I’ve started that’s the main thing. Thanks Gail, best to Monica too x

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      • Sorry, Nick, but what is xwebsute? I know how you feel. I often forget my website and blog for months, then decide to go back to it. I haven’t been consistent like I should be.

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      • Xwebsute is dyslexic finger tips brain not seeing mistakes too slow to correct etc… just poor concentration etc…all negative things that I could not of left on a page and frustrations with predictive and corrective text…. thanks for pointing it out… shame, could be a new word if I can contribute e a meaning lolllol

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