Just pigging about on Boxing Day…

This morning I had too much going around in my head; missing my missus, close family member health issues, thinking a lot about our kids and grandkids, things going on in the new year, etc., etc. – so I took myself off to the pigs for a couple of hours to think and pray and very quickly everything fell into place and my head returned to calm and peace.  Of course that wasn’t all to do with the pigs 🙂 but our adult pigs are definitely as intelligent (if not more so) than dogs and the rough and tumble affection they frequently and enthusiastically demonstrate can bring me back down to earth very quickly :-).

Part 1

These three videos were taken while “pigging about” – simply just sitting in the farrowing shelters with the sows and their piglets. There is another reason, of course, for regularly just sitting with them – it reinforces the relationship we have with the mature pigs, and also introduces the piglets to humans in (hopefully, most of the time) a positive way so that their future owners can approach and handle them a bit more easily.

Part 2

BTW – Don’t forget that these ARE NOT “PET PIGS” – they are real pigs raised for meat or for breeding; in 12 months a pig can weigh +150kg and in 5 years a successful breeding sow or boar could easily weigh 250-300kg.

Part 3

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