Renovating the barn

We have posted previously about renovating the barn in the third plot/area of our property, and that we had decided to demolish the mud brick house but keep the barn for feed storage, poultry house and a covered livestock area and feed prep area. We also decided to restore power and water to this area so that we don’t have to run utilities from the house and carry water – that would be waaaay too much hard work.

The first part of the project is to clear the inside of the barn, and for the time being we will put the remains of our hay/straw/lucerne into what will become the poultry palace so that they can get on with the roof (retiling – removing the local Turkish tiles and then replacing with the interlocking “Marseille” tiles) and replacing the floor of the hayloft – which consists of corn stalks and mud, a bit treacherous!

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