The new kid on the block – “BlackJack”

Say hello to the latest of our livestock – a 4 month old, half pedigree, boar piglet who travelled all the way from the other side of Sofia (over 4 hours by car) to Alekovo.

BlackJack is a cross between a Landrace and an East Balkan black pig (one of very few pedigree Bulgarian breeds that are regulated by law).  Our intention is to one day (soonish) breed him with one if not two of our sows, particularly our black sow “BlackBetty”. Watch this space!

He is a very very docile young man, loves being petted, sleeps outside 95% of the time (uses his hut when it’s hot and sunny) and at the moment only eats mashed potatoes!  But soon we will move him to more of a wilderness area where he can forage for himself.

Expect more updates as time goes on!

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