March update

The work inside has continued this month with lots of progress being made.

In the en-suite bathroom for the master bedroom (in the ground floor of the house) the wall and floor tiling has been completed and the glass brick wall that encloses the walk-in shower has been built.  We found the tiles in a very nice tile shop in Veliko Tarnovo but we had to import the glass bricks from the UK because we could not find a supplier in Bulgaria – there were a few other glass bricks but all were coloured which we didn’t want.

Next step in the master bathroom is to install the WC, bath, sinks, taps, radiators, etc.

The tilers continued their great work in the living room (we still call it the barn) laying the floor tiles.  And another local craftsman has been putting up the stonework on one of the end walls of the barn and around the edges of the floor – it looks amazing.  The stonework will be finished with a matt varnish to reduce any possible dust.

And a few more pics from other work that has been done…

Next month (April) there’s loads going on too.  As well as continuing the work inside (plastering and tiling in the kitchen, plastering in the master bedroom, making doors, etc.), outside all the horticultural areas are going to be ploughed and harrowed; 60+ trees are going to be planted – including 20 fruit trees; and fencing is going to be installed around the fruit orchard area and what will be the first pig paddock – and lots, lots more!

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