We’ve Got Windows!!

Well the idea of doing just a monthly update hasn’t worked too well so far! We are in to March and no update for February.

New Windows!!

Yesterday we received a fantastic update from Nigel after the windows were installed in the barn and kitchen block!  Yippeeeee!


The long awaited installation of the windows to the converted barn (living room) and outbuildings (kitchen block) has been completed – and we think it looks fantastic! This will help these two converted areas to dry out in the weeks ahead before the plasterboard, electrics, etc. are fitted.  But doesn’t it look just great!!

The cellar becomes master bathroom!

Inside the house Nigel and the lads have been working in the main house; installing the utilities (electric and water) and putting up the wall frame and plasterboard.  In what used to be the cellar they have transformed the space into what will be our master (en suite) bathroom.  It was a very dark and low room to start with but hopefully when it is finished it will be a very cosy and spacious bathroom with a walk in shower area, a nice bath for Jane and two sink areas so we can “do our thing” without getting in each others way.

And finally weird weather in February

06-feb-2014-01 - wide

Bulgaria (like the rest of the world) has had some weird weather.  Normally there would have been a very (very!) cold period with quite severe snow. But this year there was a little bit of snow in January, then it melted and went away, and then another pretty heavy snowfall in the first week of February.

But that has all melted away now and the plants and animals think it is proper spring!  Chicks and ducklings and goslings are hatching, spring flowers are coming up and various crops and plants are coming up waaay earlier than normal.  Let’s just hope and pray that there isn’t a “late winter” that could undo everything and make for a very bad harvest for lots of people later in the year.

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