Support in Bulgaria (sic)

What I am talking about is support for our barn roof!

Well, unfortunately the cold weather has put a stop to some of the construction work on the barn conversion and the installation of the new windows.  The first snow arrived in our village on 25 November but it hasn’t got “serious” yet, but it probably will soon!  It’s not so much the snow that’s a problem but the temperatures are now too low for the fixing material to seal the new windows in, so the holes will just have to be boarded up for the time being and we will finish them off in the spring once it starts warming up. Nigel also had to add “concrete-antifreeze” when he was pouring the columns to support the barn roof to make sure that the concrete cures properly in the much colder temperatures.

However, this week they did manage to finish getting all three of the new support pillars up on the South wall of the barn.  One these have all cured properly they could reclaim the existing bricks (separating them from the mudbricks on the inside of the barn) that tehy can then use to build the new wall.

Once they’ve boarded up the holes for the windows in the kitchen, and something to protect the barn a bit, the work will move inside the main house where the first floor is pretty much finished except for the tiling in the bathroom.  On the ground floor they have already laid the new concrete floors everywhere and new drainage in the master bathroom – so in the next couple of months the plan is to treat/seal and generally damp-proof the brick walls, install the rest of the plumbing, pipework for the central heating, electrical wiring and cabling for internet and tv services. Then they’ll put up the framework for the plasterboard and then fix it and plaster where they need too. They might even get to laying the floor and skirting boards in our bedroom and the office – that will all depend how long winter is this year.

Our only important decision making conversation at the moment is about the central heating, which is going to be wood fired. So there is a flurry of skype conversations and Jane and me looking at drawings and making suggestions and then Nigel reminding us why our ideas won’t work :-(.

Nigel and the lads have really achieved great things this year and the standard of work and attention to detail is just fantastic – we are really chuffed and sincerely appreciate all their hard work. We are looking forward to visiting as soon as the thaw sets in early next year.

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