Breaking concrete in Alekovo -

What’s going on in Alekovo in September?

This month is very busy particularly in physical manual labour terms.  The big job this month is to lay the patio slab and then the patio tiles on top. Other jobs that are being done as and when time permits include adding rubble in the driveway, clearing rubbish out of the areas that will be cultivated, tree clearance and logging.

The patio is a large area (100 square meters) that has the kitchen block and the living area (barn) on two sides.  We have dug out a foundation and laid rubble/hardcore and then we’ve got a concrete truck coming today (26 September) with a big pour over rebar.  We will have expansion joints as well to deal with any possible shake ‘n’ quake movement.

In conjunction with that job, the lads dug out where the water meter/supply comes into the property and had the water man come and inspect it – they didn’t like the size of the access so we have dug that out and lined it with bricks as well; and then laid a new supply from the main to the kitchen block (underneath the patio).

There was a traditional water-trough / outside sink just outside our bedroom window – not the greatest place.  Wifey thought about using it for planting herbs etc. but when the lads went to move it it just crumbled!  So now it is hardcore fore the new drive. There was also a very large slab of concrete in front of this part of the house – probably because it was where the front door was.  But because we have changed that (we don’t have a front door – just a back door in the kitchen block) all that concrete is coming us to be used as rubble / hardcore for the patio and the drive.

Offsite, we have made a preliminary design for a stable block that will be sited where house #2 was.  This will be long and narrow and we will post more when we have found an architect to draw up the plans/design for us to submit to the local council.

Next month is getting ready for winter work, inside, to finish the ground floor of the main house – yipppeeeee!!

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