Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

The past few weeks have been challenging times in terms of planning the work ahead.  We have had to think really hard about costs and priorities if we are going to realise our dream of moving permanently in early 2015.  And then make some big decisions!

Property Layout
Property Layout

We have made the boundary wall and fencing (solid wall on the North and West boundaries and post and wire on the South and East boundaries) a priority. Without a secure boundary we can’t have livestock or bring our dogs over.  Also it’s a necessary layer of security once we ship our house contents over and we are living there. The N/W boundary wall is going to be very expensive (nearly 140m of brickwork including the new entrance gates, etc.) built with reclaimed brick with concrete foundations and support pillars, tiles on top and then rendered.  But it will look nice (traditional) and provide privacy.

The big thing to “go” was the bifold doors (8m wide by 2.5m high) that we wanted to adorn the front of the barn opening onto the very large patio (which will be 12m by 8m). Beautiful, yes – expensive, very – and we couldn’t justify that or prioritise it over having a good boundary wall. So the “dreaming big” picture for how the house will look from the Southern aspect has changed a bit – here it is.

Dreaming Big - new (cheaper) window configuration
Dreaming Big – new (cheaper) window configuration

We had also dreamed about renovating the second (more derelict) house that we have on the property.  But the roof needs as much work on it (or more) as our house does regardless of what we chose to do with the house (like using it for storage or animals). But we have realised that if our priority is to get there (BG) then once we are there we won’t have the cash to renovate or refurbish that house.  I’ll be writing a post later once we have talked it all through and decided what we are going to do.

Why are we doing it like this – well the key to our renovation plan was that we would be able to afford/pay for the renovation to be done while we are still working and earning a wage.  Once we move there we will not have a “regular” or “normal” income and pensions won’t kick in for several years.

Exciting eh!

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