Visit to Veliko Tarnovo


This is the last little vignette from our April 2013 visit to BG – sorry it has taken until June to get it posted! The photo at the top of the page is looking from the town over the Yantra River.

We made two trips to VT during this trip – about 2 hours drive from Alekovo.  It’s a nice city (we don’t like it as much as we like Ruse) but it’s bigger, perhaps a bit more cosmopolitan and investing heavily in doing a lot to make it more tourist friendly.  There’s lots of nice shops as well as the old part of town which has been restored very tastefully. We did discover a great artisan carpentry shop which in addition to some beautiful carvings had some interesting little things that caught our eye – like small wooden handles (just turned on a lathe) for the ends of the on/off cords for hanging lights and fans. There is also an art shop – mildly expensive 🙂 but some beautiful stuff by local artists and craftsmen.  In it we found a small incese/perfume burner with tiny little glazed tiles – and this gave Jane an inspiration for our kitchen, which will be predominantly plain white – when she saw this she got the idea of having small hand-glazed tiles in these sort of colours. Funny what you find isn’t it?

Sorry we are open!

One shop we wanted to visit was a light shop that we discovered on our very first visit.  It was special because the young lady who owns the shop spoke arabic and had lived and studied in Jerusalem, Palestine and Egypt and they have a great selection of moorish/arabic hanging light designs which we want for the barn (living room).  Anyway we went to look and it was closed until 1st of May!  But the a picture is of the sign in their shop window!

As with everywhere we went in BG the people were very friendly everywhere, shops, cafes, restaurants and even the homeware store (Praktika) and a specialist bathroom shop (but they didn’t have the bath that Jane wants 😦 ).

Although we should be, we are not very good tourists when time is limited, but for sure we will go back several more times and try to get to know the place better. Our lawyer (great young man called Dimitar, introduced to us by Jo and Nigel) lives in VT and although we didn’t see him this trip we will do next time as we have some papers to sort out.  Using him has saved us a lot of money compared to our original legal costs, he speaks very good English too. We finished our visit with a great meal together before heading off home.

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