Barn Roof – looks amazing!

The update we got from Nigel tonight was fantastic!  They have completed the repairs on the barn roof (what is going to be our living room) which included removing all the tiles, replacing much of the roof timbers, beams and battens, and put the waterproof lining in – and then retiling it and cementing in the ridge tiles.

We’ve decided not to do the soffits and guttering on the barn and outbuildings until all the other structural work is done (like removing the barn wall, installing the bi-fold doors, building the two new walls to enclose the kitchen, etc.  So sometime next early year.  We probably won’t put the insulation or plasterboard up into the eaves of the roof either until then, so we will have a full winter to see how well the new roofs hold up to the weather.

They’ve also stripped the roof tiles off of the outbuildings (which will eventually be the kitchen, walk-in larder, utility room and storage) so that they can do the necessary on the timber support – then they will re-tile it and waterproof that roof in the same way.  To do this they also had to take out some trees that were too close to the walls on the NE corner and East wall – and our neighbour has been helping too by culling some trees along the eastern boundary line which will make it a bit easier when we come to put the new boundary fence in.

The gallery below has a couple of shots of the kitchen/utility roof and two pictures Nigel took when they were in the shop buying the waterproof lining – apparently buying that volume all in one go caused mayhem!!

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