Jackie digging away at what will be the new kitchen floor

Shock horror – they’ve started on the barn and kitchen!

Having only been back from Bulgaria a week (and still pretty gaga about it all, unable to think straight, wanting to be there…) we were amazed to get these pics from Nigel this afternoon.

The barn (which will be our living room) was a traditional build – animal housing below a mud/wood floor holding hay etc.  Well, they have removed the hayloft part and the dividing wall that was there (and evicted the pair of stray dogs that had dug a huge bed in one of the corners of the barn).  The remaining South wall of the barn has got to come down eventually, a new concrete pillar installed in the middle of the 9m length and then a couple of RSJs installed and then built up to support the roof – only then can two 4m sets of bifold doors be installed to give us 8 x 2.5m of windows opening onto the patio and looking down the plot.

The kitchen is being converted from the existing outbuildings which are quite low  – I bang my head on the crossbeams!  So to solve that we are digging out 18″ then putting in waterproof membrane, insulation and concrete – hopefully ending up with the floor 12 inches lower than it is at the moment.  Bulgarians are very very good at digging, so I am not surprised to see Jackie digging away in there.  Hopefully in the next 10-14 days we will have the new concrete floors in!

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