Our village

Going to the village for the first time was weird – really weird.  Nigel, who is doing the renovation work, has been working there and met some of the characters (although had never managed to meet the mayor, the key local player).

Compared to many villages Alekovo is in really good condition.  About 500 houses, a population under 1,000 people, a supermarket (very good with everything you could need) owned and managed by the son of the mayor.  A large orthodox church about 700 metres from our house and storks on our electric poles!  What more could you ask for.

These pictures are from our very first visit and show the church, the local park/recreation area, supermarket and some views along the main roads in and out of the village – and of course the storks, which we hope we can encourage to come and nest on our house or somewhere on our land.

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