Nick and Jane with one litter of 10 piglets from BlackJack and BlackBetty

Since summer 2015 we have been striving to (a) grow, store and preserve our own vegetables and some fruit (b) breed, raise, slaughter and process our own livestock – pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, ducks and geese. (c) where possible sell/trade/barter youngstock and produce for skills, materials, time – and even sell a little bit but only within our village and friends not commercially. And all of this in a humane, eco-friendly, possibly permaculture way.

Thank you for visiting us and we hope that you enjoy browsing around, maybe even learn something to do or to avoid – but browsing around will make us very happy.

Feel free to comment or ask questions and we will do our best to answer you as promptly as we can.

Nick, Jane & Toby

Latest Posts

  • March Chemo

    March Chemo

    Lovely bright morning – dry even though it had rained most of the night – and unseasonally warm too Read more

  • If it wasn’t for women???

    If it wasn’t for women???

    I have not always been in favour (or seen the point of) of every “The International Day of (fill in the blank)” this is one that I support wholeheartedly, Read more

  • The website is updated

    The website is updated

    At last, I am pleased to say that for the time being I have finished my project to update our website / blog. Read more

  • Be kind to one another

    Be kind to one another

    Being a strong man includes being kind. There’s nothing weak about kindness and compassion. Read more

  • Baba Marta 2023

    Baba Marta 2023

    I found some better descriptions of the celebrations and traditions in Bulgaria and thought it worth making a fresh post Read more

  • “Ode to Dusty”

    “Ode to Dusty”

    A lovely poem from my dear friend Aidy who lives two villages away from us. Read more

  • Liberation Day

    Liberation Day

    Every year on 3rd of March, Bulgaria celebrates its liberation from almost 500 years of Ottoman rule. Read more

  • Gurus


    We definitely would not have achieved so much had it not been for the amazing wealth of knowledge and experience shared by so many people Read more

  • Affiliate Advertising

    Affiliate Advertising

    On some pages and posts you may notice some affiliate advertising… Read more

  • Census 2021

    Census 2021

    t wasn’t really a surprise when we first visited Alekovo back in 2012, that the village population was very small. Read more

  • “Spring” – a poem

    “Spring” – a poem

    Towards my love, At long last leaning, Thoughts again, Of long long evenings Read more

  • Promises


    When we purchased the property in Alekovo we had to form a company because we were foreigners Read more

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