Girl pigs go walkabout

The girls on the patio

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Woke up the other morning at about 5.45am to find the dogs all sitting quietly – ominously quietly – at the patio doors.  So after I’d put the kettle on for the obligatory morning Nescafe, I went to the door to let them out – and just in time noticed that 3 of the sows were busy exploring the patio and the low raised beds next to Jack’s enclosure. Didn’t really have my act together for any spectacular photography, but the picture above is a snap of two of them in between the raised beds having an early morning chat with Jack.

For some reason they looked MUCH bigger pigs roaming around the patio than they do in their field 🙂 but thankfully they followed me (and a couple of bags of stale bread) back to their field quite peacefully

And here’s how they got out – one of the fence rails had warped/twisted and popped the screws so they just went for a stroll.  I was quite surprised that they hadn’t been noshing on anything.

The pig's escape route

The fence rail had popped its’ screws

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