Sad news for Bobbie

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bobby and pups

At the end of July I posted about the dog on site, Bobbie, who had been so affectionate during our visit and I wrote that we had heard that she was pregnant.

Well Bobbie did eventually have seven pups.  Three were stillborn but sadly the other four have died too.  Apparently, because Bobbie was infested with fleas, her owner decided to treat her with diesel! It’s most likely that the puppies must have ingested the diesel and died – probably not a very nice death.

Anyway, we are arranging for Bobbie to be spayed (neutered) as soon as possible so the situation won’t arise again.


  1. Hiya Nick, we met Bobbie at our house and she did look very thin so we gave her some cheese as it was all we had and she really enjoyed it. The two Bulgarian workmen looked at me as if I was an alien but do I care…. Nice dog.

    Incidentally, read Sara’s blog as well :), the kitten storey gave her away lol!

  2. How very sad, poor Bobbie. I hope the owner agrees to have her spayed, most don’t agree with it, they would rather just throw the puppies/kittens away. We have today taken in a kitten who nobody is admitting to, four weeks old, gammy eyes and wandering the lane crying and riddled with fleas…which are so easy and cheap to treat. We don’t want a cat but it seems we are stuck with the little mite.

    1. Author

      You were right Sara. The owner won’t agree to have her spayed – he said if we do it then the dog will be our responsibility and he’ll have nothing more to do with her. Well, not least because we are not there full-time (so she would starve) but also because we are not planning to “adopt” any feral or abandoned animals as we have enough of our own, we will have to let it go. Blinkin’ frustrating!

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