July 2013 Update

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Since the last update the lads have not been idle!  Work has continued on the roof of the barn and the kitchen block. They have also dug out the old concrete and rubbish from the ground floor of the main house, ready to receive the new damp course, concrete and insulation.  They will lay the floors in the ground floor of the house during the winter when it is too cold to work outside or in exposed areas.

In the last update we told you that they had re-tiled the barn roof and repaired all the battens, etc. supporting the roof.  They have now done the same for the kitchen/utility area and cemented in the ridge tiles.  They have also now lined the inside of the barn and kitchen roofs with thick pvc sheeting to provide additional waterproof protection.

Once the barn and kitchen block are weather proofed (i.e. walls and windows are in) they will then run the electricity supply into the roof area and finally plasterboard between the beams and battens.

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