Five-a-side in the kitchen anyone?

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In the past couple of weeks Nigel and the lads have transformed the outbuildings which will become the kitchen (in an L-shape) of our house.  Probably mentioned before (can’t remember) that the outbuildings (where previously animals lived and storage for loads of “stuff” is very low and I was banging my head on the cross-beams).  Well, while Nigel was away in the UK for a week the lads dug out the floor (to drop the final level), put the insulation in and set the drainage pipes in place.  Last week they finished concreting and wow it makes the space look really big.

Plan for kitchen and utilities area

On the left you can see our initial plan for the kitchen area.

Below you can see a few pictures of the work – the first five images show the digging out and laying of the drainage for the kitchen area and utility room (which will have washing machine, big butler sink, wc and a shower as well).  The final 3 images show it after the floor has been concreted.  The finish for the kitchen floor will be grey slate (or slate “lookalike” probably because getting real slate would just be too expensive) in the actual kitchen and corridor and bog-standard white tiles in the larder and utulity room.

Some of the upright beams (holding up the roof) will be replaced with new timbers (if we can find them) or concrete pillars if that is what is best for long term strength.

And you can play 5-a-side football in the space I expect!

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