Ancient Veliko Tarnovo

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Veliko Tarnovo was where we met our fantastic new lawyer (Advocat) Dimitar – what a blessing he turned out to be, doing everything we needed to have done in just a couple of hours, at a fraction of the expected cost, and with time to get to know him a little bit over coffee in a cafe on the main street (a great way to do business).

VT is making a lot of effort to improve itself for the sake of tourism, both internal and external.  There’s a great feel to the city and the people are (like most Bulgarians we met) characteristically friendly and helpful even if English is not a common language (and why should it be!). The views down the valley are really spectacular.

There’s lots of historic bits in the city which are being renovated/refurbished and a fair few touristy type shops in some areas.  But the food and restaurants are great (as far as we found out) and although it is further for us (about 90 minutes from Alekovo) we will, I’m sure be visiting to explore it more.

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