Toby, me and the crew May 2015

Almost 2 months to the big day!

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Yes, it’s now under 70 days before the big move to Bulgaria and our little piece of heaven in Alekovo.

Looking onto the patio

Looking onto the patio on the night of the big storm..

This update is mainly pictorial as there is so much going on – finishing, fittings and features – ready for the big paint next month I expect.  Had a great (but short) visit during May with our son Toby who is going to be joining us there.  One of his gifts is being a cracking photographer so there’s a link below to a gallery of shots he took on our last evening – spectacular!

The first gallery is a few pictures from around the house, as well as one of me cooking our dinner over an open fire during our May visit the wonderful hand carved Promises plaques that will go up in the house when it is finished.

The boundary wall has, at last, got its’ hat on and been var’d on both sides.  All that needs to be done is concrete the ridge tiles, var the bricks that the tiles sit on, and then paint the walls to match the house colour.  Been a long time coming but it’s looking great.

The kitchen is one of the two main spaces in the house, and it feels just awesome even though it’s empty at the moment.  Nigel has done a particularly special job on the timbers, keeping even the most peculiar configuration!!!  As I write this the cooker is about to be delivered (!) and in about a week the larder cupboard (made from oak by a local carpenter to match the dressed we already have) will be delivered.

kitchen with lights fitted May 2015

Some of the wonderful people working on our house

Toby, me and the crew May 2015

Toby, me and the crew

And click on the image or the link below to see an awesome gallery of photographs taken by our son Toby on the last night of our May visit; up a little hill just outside the village (50m from the village sign) – it’s on Facebook but you don’t need a Facebook account to view the gallery.

The sun setting over Alekovo village, May 2015 (photo Toby Truscott)

The sun setting over Alekovo village, May 2015 (photo Toby Truscott)

Or click this link Sunset over Alekovo by Toby Truscott

The coming month is sure to see even more huge transformations, not quite so interesting to look at but really important, as the heating system goes in, the kitchen worktop and sink are fitted and then it’s time to start getting painted – doors and walls and ceilings – and much much more.  So hopefully there will be an update at the end of the month.


  1. Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Congratulations Nick, Jane and Team on achieving this great result from your vision, planning and hard work – the renovation is warm and homely.

    Great photos taken by Toby. Yes, not long now before you guys will start to live your dream.


    1. Hi
      I am a retired builder and I have live in Bulgaria before and would jest like to say how good your property looks ,I am thinking of buying a property in your village ,can you tell me ,how many bits are in the area ,I wont ask you what its like living in this area ,I can see it is good by your faces .
      Mr Edward King

      1. Author

        Hello Edward nice to “meet” you and hear from you. Glad you liked the post. Not sure what you mean by “how many bits are in the area” – why not email me at with any questions you might have and I will try to answer them – or find an answer for them :-).

        1. Author

          Oh – just realised you maybe meant “brits” with a typo! Errr there’s another couple in the village and a brit/bg couple. Polski Trambesh and surrounding villages have a lot more Brits. Our local (favourite / go to) town Svishtov has very very few Brits.

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